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Past player and Manager of Luton Town Football Club

Beds Prostate Cancer support Group (BPCSG) are immensely proud that Luton Town Football Club legend and ex-England Centre Forward Mick Harford has accepted the role of Patron for our Group.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa) in December 2020, Mick underwent 40days of treatment at UCLH and continues to receive treatment.  He makes the point that PCa often has no symptoms, so men should not wait to see changes before they act.  He encourages all men over the age of 40yrs to get themselves tested with a simple blood test known as a PSA.

Recognising the main emphasis of BPCSG is to get as many men as possible in Bedfordshire over the age of 40yrs to get a PSA test whilst also offering support to them and their families, were factors that led Mick to so readily offer his support to BPCSG.


BPCSG are proud to have conducted several thousand PSA tests over recent years and with the further support of Mick will continue the work of creating awareness and support to men who develop PCa.


So, Mick's message - "Spread the Word", "Get Checked", "Get Tested", "Early detection can save your life".

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