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2023 Events Programme

All meetings at Bedford Borough Bowls Club on the 2nd Monday in each month (except August) starting at 7pm.  There is plenty of parking but it is essential to register your car number plate on the tablet at the bar otherwise you will get a £100 Fine


11th December             Xmas Buffet


8th January                      Mark Kelly, Peer Support Coordinator, Tackle

12th February                  Professor Thomas - Supplement re Pomi-T

11th March                       Barry Tomlinson - Isambard Kingdom Brunel

8th April                            David Fowler - Gardens & hour or so from Bedford

13th May                           AGM  - Open forum chaired by Steve Pearce

10th June                         TBA

8th July                             TBA

12th August                     No meeting

9th September               TBA

14th October                  TBA

11th November              TBA

9th December               Xmas Buffet 

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