Being told you have prostate cancer (PCa) is a shock for most men and their families, quickly followed by confusion at what is being said  about the treatment options.

Consultants don't normally provide a recommended treatment.  This means you have to take ownership of  choosing which can be very challenging at such a difficult time, especially with the  seemingly unlimited  advice available on the  internet, from leaflets and from news items,  many offering  slightly differing outcomes and side effects.  Even when you have made the choice you may have doubts that you have made the right one.

This is where our Support Group can help, as it is likely that one or more of our members will have had  a treatment being offered and will be more than pleased to provide the benefit of their experience.

Another aim of our Group is to create awareness of  PCa amongst men of all ages with particular emphasis on the importance of  early diagnosis which can be a life saver.  The Group also raises funds for the local hospital to help with new research and treatment methods for PCa. 

BPCSG is a very friendly and welcoming Group.  Specialist speakers on PCa are regularly invited to give presentations throughout the year, along with non-specialist speakers from time to time.  The meetings provide an opportunity to get to know people who have been through treatment or are about to go through treatment, and a forum to ask questions or to have quiet chat with individuals. Wives, partners and friends are also very welcome.

Click here for a suggested set of questions if you are still in the undecided stage.

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