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Patient Perspective on the use of Artificial Intelligence in Cellular Pathology

A Focus Group organised by Prostate Cancer UK


Prostate Cancer UK are looking for 8-10 men who would be willing to take part in a discussion on Zoom on the 2nd November at 5pm. This discussion will take around 1.5 hours in total.

This discussion will be led by Professor Clare Verril who is a pathologist from Oxford University. Clare is looking for patient input and thoughts on a study which is looking at a potential new way for a pathologist to distinguish whether a person’s biopsy shows whether they may or may not have cancer.

This new way of looking at biopsies is currently being developed and will use artificial intelligence which potentially could assist a pathologist in the future in diagnosing prostate cancer patients. It also may enable a patient to understand their diagnosis better.

We are looking for men who:

  • Have had a prostate biopsy or a radical prostatectomy in the last 5 years

  • Have experience of using zoom or other video conferencing systems

  • Would be confident in joining in a discussion on this study and giving their opinion

  • Are available at 5pm on the 2nd November for around 1.5 hours

You do not need to know anything about the topic as this will all be explained in the meeting, we would just really value your input on the day. Clare will be sending through information to read through before the meeting.

If you fit the criteria above and would be interested in taking part please could you reply to by 1pm Tuesday 27 October.

Professor Clare Verril:

Cellular pathology (histopathology) is the study of diseases of tissues and cells and includes histopathology and cytopathology. Traditionally we use microscopic images which are looked at by the pathologist. It is possible to diagnose disease from these images. Increasingly, cellular pathology uses digital images to achieve this and there is potential to have Artificial Intelligence aid the work of cellular pathologists.


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